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Rekrul Turkish (Dionysus Records 2017)

   Can also be called The Creepy Creeps is these Surfing Punk rockers in a San Diego’s band using another aliases on Creepxotica while adding more erotic sounds of the sixties chart-listed with Justin Pearson, Dylan Scharf and Dave Warshaw re-inventing the fresher vintage touches via Swinging Sounds From Beyond The Nether Regions as Jazz-ing, psychedelic Pop-tones and Bossa Nova beats rhythmic buried the dancing style arousing libido for the oldies and the exotic lovers within the group’s performance over Pungee Stick, Surf Fink, Luau At Loi’s, Meat Ships and Repeto might giving the lasted rough soften tiled up shines rising like the tropical heat gaining those adrenaline of the Latinas and the foreign strangers to exchanging kisses and cuddles until the night turning to day and the year of yesterday already pass.

Swinging Sounds From Beyond The Nether Regions: