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Red Planet (Independent 2015)

Completing their formation of five within thus persecution themes among war or violence, terrorism and sci-fictional warfare and Thrash Metal parole; these Alexandria, Egypt unit off Hossan Muhammed (bass), Ahmed Mostafa (drums, vocals), Ramii Muhammed (guitars) as well as Amr Hossam (vocals) and Rocky (guitars) infinitely, came back as a destructor like the ancient pharaoh of the apocalypse world demise wreckers via this full length album session on Thrash From Fire as Excimer the group. Deranged slashing solos and power-dunker beats among those desecrations on aborting the development and multi-corporate advancing civilizations really craving in crazed as the eight ballsy like ball wrecking tracks like Victims of Plague, Provoke The Slaughter, War Terror or Cry War (Kreator cover) smashing your stereo up like earthquakes devastating the continents in minutes as letting Thrash Metal killer riffs attacking without any shields left to guard the rest as toxic waste becoming our trading trends nowadays.

Thrash From Fire: