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Recreating Toyz (Interscope/Prawn 1994)


   Not trying to abandoned his multiple-lucky weirdy Rock Alternative mayhem of Funk-Metal but the good old days with some fine ex-members or friends may not change about who Les Claypool really is that day even without Primus trio but dragging out his different troops within the similar drum-beats of Funk-Rock craze which was there for no reasons but occasion temporary overloaded ideas and songs in the making for Sausage crew with Jay Lane and Todd Huth and this recording results show how Riddles Are Abound Tonight really pumping your stomach and heads where the big fat rhythmic and she-creature just sat there nude and dizzy because the tones listed inside really challenging the most popular technique of ordinary Classic Jazz or drunken Motown-inspired meets Hardcore-Metal music of the past days Primus before they became merrier and pop-assimilates later. Caution Should Be Used While Driving a Motor Vehicle or Operating Machinery as well as Here’s To The man and Shattering Song by Girls for Single Men crazily, being an anthem of rhythms for Prelude To Fear of this modern consumption world you live in bad jokes to share !

Riddles Are Abound Tonight: