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Raped Incense Labyrinth (The Sinister Flame 2014)

   Coming through the chaos surface from the underground hades-like place as they’re might be born there; the death worshipers and luciferian philosophers from Valencian Community of Benetusser/Valencia –Spain brought their Death Metal loudest passport with them wherever they go. Just like when you found out about this Sinister Ceremonies album – the first full length recording being released by the trio David “Aggressor” on bass/vocals, Francisco – guitars/drums and Nocturn on drum-set; Domains – as they’re calling themselves would be an ultimate Death Metallers dealing with the classic themes written and composed here for the album as thus ten songs on the list might having you to overlook the essential of how Death metal in its Classical ways used to be sounded like and fucking thanks to Domains; now you can listening to it again. Go for the killer tracks on Crowned at Dusk, Eucharist of Revelance, Towards Pleroma, Mastery to Through Infernal Damnation and thrashed yourself to death and die under the metal sign of doomsday when ancient gods come crawling up from the deepest pit of hell back to consume the world and the living.

Sinister Ceremonies: