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Radio Stations (Carrere 1982)

   Do you like a band who can giving the all-out Rock N’ Roll not only to the beer drinking hours but instead of only sounded cheap ?
Well,the group of Liverpool, UK really did their parts to performing the half-best or almost perfect rocking themes from tons musical tracks with the taste of Heavy Metal and glamour – so meet Rage (UK) consisting of David Lloyd (vocals), Keith Mulholland on bass, Terry Steers the guitarist and as well Mick Davenport John Mylett (drums) deploying from the burnt-out older band named Nutz onto this one and for the record choices among their albums – one you can licking up and learning to play softer sensual parted ways with the flirting girls would be the second releasing – entitled Nice ’N’ Dirty as you wanted it to be. 
A mixture of Hard Rock, Soft Rock and Heavy Metal combinations form the inspiring standard beats off any Lou Gramm/Giant/Foreigner catalogs may be found there as those two hot rocking girls getting ready to kiss and cuddles each other with you placing in the middle between them, feel the sweat coming down and your throat felt dry thinking about those dirties imaginations appears and blurred as the rocking music bangs over Wasted Years, Woman, Long Way From Home, Blame It On The Night, Silver and Gold and Wild Cat Woman parading your stereo as cranked loud and the backseat seems to be inviting one to grab something smells nice with long legs and red lips …

Nice 'N' Dirty: