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Pulga Chase (Varese Sarabande 1986)

   So, not a very long before the furor times of the trilogy saga and struggles of our heroic universal timing champions of the Jedi Order and further brave rebels army winning against the darker side of the force and the empire; there’s the sub-titled story based on the native folklore about daily Moon of Endor on the movie – Caravan Of Courage: An Ewok Adventure comes as children book-reading stored tales with the sequel coming to follow this one that you need to watch them altogether !
The story about how a human family of Towani Family – an ordinary couples with little kids not affiliated too much t something political crashed their starcruiser which concluded the stranded kids: Mace and his little sister Cindel losing their parents Jeremitt and Catarine vanished to be taken by the giant creature Gorax to its lair. Meeting the Ewoks on their surviving run; both kids have been taken a well out of the remote to Ewoks’ home village as soon Cindle becoming closed to one of the friendly one named Wicket and with the help from Izrina the wisties and Chukha-Trok the boisterous Ewoks after being told as foresee by Logray the medicine-men of the Ewoks about their parents presence as being good narrated as well by the voice of Burl Ives and the great soundtrack musical screen of sounds in classical orchestration by Peter Bernstein on this Ewoks Original Soundtrack scoring which carries the storyboard teller within the tracks like Escape, Poker Game, The House onto Noa & Terak after the quite emotional but happy like wonder of magic via Intro Main Title or Trek. 
Most of the sound recording taken from the second sequel movie of Ewoks: The Battle for Endor but the first staging tales from Caravan of Courage leads the merchandising Ewoks heroic battling Gorax to save Mace and Cindle’s parents to be reunited again as they’re staying for awhile over there – before the group of marauders from Sanyassa comes and attacking the Ewoks village later on The Battle For Endor.