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Pozo El Sultan (Humo 2017)

   Mohama Saz might be a new generation calls of sound influenced by their olden days heritage of borderless Andalusian’s caliphate regions and territory absolute of one monotheist god of experimental Progressive Rock and middle-eastern basic of both Turkish and Moor’s Spanish traditional companion for those whom liking ho Psychedelic Rock may developing their sound onto some kind of international gathering powers that binds more people of audiences to liking and expanding the plus knowledge for many more variety of musical parade of the worldwide.
   The quartet of local musicians: Adrian Cabellos (drums, percussion, vocals), Arturo Pueyo (clarinet, saxophone), Javier Alonso (baglama saz electronic and acoustic) and Sergio Cabellos (bass, vocals, percussion, bouzuki) with more musicians of talents there helping them approaching the perfection blending through the music as well as some Reggae tunes that will dance your butts out while listening to Negro Es El Poder release. 
   Kinds of Alternative “tauheed” stuff musical performance within the Latin meets Middle-East meets Jazzy Funk and Pop written tunes like Viyan, Cuando Ilegue El Dia, Hueso Y Luz, Manana en Las Montanas to Ajde Jano cremating thus excellent slow-beats and perhaps, holy messages taken from many sources of the ruins in Baghdad or delights of the Turks and Umayyad descends here in the heart of Madrid, Spain. 

Negro Es El Poder: