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Power Nap (Evander 2008)

   Featuring Aaron Novik as the leading figure also playing electric clarinet; Cornelius Boots (robot bass clarinet), Jesse Quattro (voice) and Matthias Bossi (drums) as being mastered and mixed by Myles Boisen – these San Francisco Progressive Metal and more to be experienced in the experimental project of radish blood artworks of Simulacra releasing the self-titled recording and not a try-out commercial on make the audience pleased hearing them perform quite disturbing, seminal raw and strange to the bone; feel the rhythmic crusher tension as one may already caught in the middle of the album playing through the in-between of White Light and Semi-Conductor or Mt. Analog killing the Substance Mort as well as Kaddish carried the weird grooves of alienated noises mixing with the distorting grungy meaning for Sentence Fragment as Black Light finally, closing the show.