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Point Tipping (Gold Robot Records 2016)

   Being latest in freaking the style up in pumps for an electrified Pop Rn’B blending with Alternative Folk-Rock acoustic and percussionist flavored to piano plays as this first full length recording from Glenn Davis surrounding of success garnered eclectic as being contributes in multiply sessions via this releasing entitled – Waves & Webs. The like of complexity and interests as being influenced by the past version of ELO, Joan Amratrading, Van Morrison to Arthur Russell and Fleetwood Mac demands these weaving soft and jazzy tunes over Pop and Rock into those smoothie unbreakable powerless which contains great attachments from Smile & Cruise, Super Tough, Come Back, Say Something as well as Run Your Course to If There Really is a God dealing with simpler/softer sides through loss or vulnerability content in sensible tunes and track-listed intelligence towards Columbus, Ohio’s products. 

Weirdy popular this is going to be !

Waves & Webs: