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Plucking Fairy Plant (Bandcamp 2013)

   Thanking lord above for his talented skills on writing and composing music beats within the attributes; Stefen Keen usually, continues his inspired devotion on this micro-music and something new for your ears to behold in wonderful taste and 8-bit sounds by the Chip-Tunes electronic as well as flipping rock socks encouragement via the designed recording on Out Of The Void.
Unicorn Dream Attack might not be one of those ministry of sounds popular relate project but still – this sound recording may felt like it is an alien invasion through music that very cool to catch because every single game players or lovers would loving to have this album on their computer or stereo sound. 
The giant or microchip crafts sending the raiding harmony within thus noise sampling combinations as the track-lists providing us Laser, Beautiful Eyes, The Trap, Jellyfish Serenade to more Hope, Vast and Lollipop Kiss as the Master Control creating The Black Haze and Battering Lighthouse – turning your beloved gaming world – either a little bit confusing, merrier or just added the excitement for the higher level within the new console.

Out Of The Void: