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Pilgrim’s Path (Noise International 1988)

German Thrash juggernaut crew formed since the midst of eighty-four era as these Bochum phalanx metallers kept their mixture of heavy metal high-pitched vocals and riff-age faster enough not only being called just – Heavy Metal with less elements to attached there while they’re still calling themselves: Avenger before changing the simple name to (just) Rage.
Officially, one of the greatest semi-legendary in the order of Speed/Heavy/Power rocking around the Deutschland country as the third recording from Rage baptizing as Perfect Man showing the audience about how crazy the concept of super mutant humans would looked alike in the future where mankind already advancing the greater knowledge on creating artificial intelligent as well as subhuman characters like the front cover of a hideous creature. 
Not too early to be called a blueprint of Germany’s style of NWOBHM that later spawning giants like Helloween or Kreator but Rage having their finest moment via this one where songs of destruction of normal community like Animal Instinct, In The Darkest Hour, Sinister Thinking, Supersonic Hydromatic, Don’t Fear The Winter or Death in The Afternoon thrashing the way like blisters boldy to conquering the stereo of a metal-heads.

Perfect Man: