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Pile O’ Bones (Metal Blade Records 1991)

Besides having Megadeth and Anthrax; US Thrash Metal scene also having some lesser-known well names like Panic for example; featuring the quartet of George Hernandez, Jack Coy, Jeff Braimes and Martin Chandler (respective) in their own performance of high techniques once there and being presenting Seattle, Washington for the bad-ass Thrash Metal blistering show permanently, the credited missile launcher music through the debut recording of Epidemic.

The villainy shouts and the banging foot-works onto those riff-age and slicing melodic melted the stereo system down to its core like butter being heat-up using strobe light. Listen to the entire head-banging metallic session available here for the world to nailed up the wall and bleed via Hypochondriac, Spider Desire, Morbid Curiosities to hellfire Club and 911. 

Bitter sweet symphonic for the worsen metal mayhem crew screaming the protests to the world !