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Petite Legrand (Mush 2006)

Will be known as Alfred Darlington or Daedelus as the Renaissance boy whom dreaming too much about having chances to writing more lyrics based on whether the wide ranging between the Temples of Greek to thus higher mountains of Wales with his Jazzy-influenced or experimental through beats and sounds as the guy born as Alfred Weisberg-Roberts or Captain Hands providing all the remixes based on his big obsessions towards Hip-Hop, Down-Tempo and Breakbeat tremendous modern sounds especially for party-dancing or Latin/Samba or just occasional wake-up album off Denies The Day’s Demise; creating these many sophomore strange but catchy music like Sundown, Bahia, Sawtooth, Nouveau Nova or Never None The Wiser – just like finding the lost scripts near the small cave on the ordinary day of sunny mid-day.

Denies The Day's Demise: