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Permanent Deja Vu (Bandcamp 2017)

For thanking their version ways of how David Bowie had creating thus soundtrack songs for their lives as it being changed forever on … This County Louth (hospice), Ireland of Dundalk through the almost complete project as recorded and mastering by Joseph Edwards and Jason Varley to Taine King for the artworks; releasing the various artists - A Tribute : Ain’t That Just Like Me by Dundalk Bowie Tribute group – altogether re-mixing, re-covers to re-sang those legendary tunes from the master of disguising himself as a new catalog for opening doors dimension space for the audio listeners.

Fifteen tracks such as Sonnets and Sisters in Absolute Beginners, Lazarus by Just Mustard, We The Oceanographers singing Andy Warhol, Podracer brings the punchy riffs over Suffragette City or Third Smoke giving you their arrangements for Oh! You Pretty Things as well as The Future West tackling the iconic song of The Man Who Sold The World. 

One might be taken the granting for not miserably, happens to have a good cheering memories via this album as well being hypnotized by those star/lighting eye-stare.