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Pentagon Plan Sneaky (Sony Classical 2014)

   Classic soundtrack of stage & screen as the comeback leaping of moments occurred there for this next installments off the X-Men series movies really did something like a historic learning for good causes within John Ottman’s epic works on (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) for X-Men: Days of The Future Past where Wolverine must going back in an astral-body travelling in time to find the young version of Professor Xavier, Eric Lensherr with Hank McCoy the beast or Quicksilver and more young mutants from the Xavier school in order to stop Mystique from assassinating the programmed hunting down machine for slaying mutants created by the project of the smart/hater scientist Bolivar Trask closely to the Nixon era after the Paris peace treaty.
   The initializing of such a destroyer giant robots devastating the extinction future for many mutants as some being refuges inside the old ancient Chinese temple somewhere around Himalayas waiting for the final attack in a very soon and uncertainty with many casualties already dealt terribly caused by the program. Mostly, instrumental with thus amazing scary reality soft melodic orchestration above almost twenty tracks like Time’s Up, I Found Them, He Lost Everything as well as Join Me composed by John Ottman with Jeffrey Schindler onto those Time in The Bottle – performed by Jim Croce and The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face performed by Roberta Flack with Ewan McColl; sadly showing how some conspiracy and secrets may have to be left alone where the stopping of something wicked reveals gladness greater but for some might leads onto some darker stories for the long gone future revelation as Trask’s going down and out his business, wolverine being unconscious but then met his creator again also how Magneto turned to villain and Mystique a heroin with a conclusion of the awakening for monstrous being off the mutant’s history holds back to come conquering the planet in its fear gripping then …