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Penitent Man Pass (Warner Bros. Records 1989)

   Located in filming for over several countries and many great places including the lost city of Petra in Jordan as opening with Indiana Jones’s boy scout terrible experience for phobia of snakes facing grave robbers – fast forwarding to the nineteen thirsty-eight adventure of older Indiana meet Marcus Brody and Walter Donovan only to find that his father Henry Jones Sr. gone missing in the search of The Holy Grail then the story goes wrongly right when Indy having chances to getting closed to Henry’s attractive Austrian colleague Dr. Elsa Schneider then discovers the First Crusade knight tomb protected by the secret society – Brotherhood of Cruciform Sword.
   Then, rescuing his dad; Dr. Jones Jr. realizing that actually, Elsa and Donovan are working with The Nazis from the castle Brunwald on the border of Austria/Germany to begins the real journey to Alexandretta as the Jonesses recovering the old diary from rally of book burning in Berlin, board on a giant zeppelin, crashed after engaging dogfight with Luftwaffe on biplane as Marcus being captured in Hatay before meeting the old loyal friend Sallah. 
   The epic adventures of classical soundtrack and neo-romantic scoring is composed for the movie by John Williams through Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) within those variety scene taking related to the tracks like Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra, Escape from Venice, X Marks The Spot, The Keeper of The Grail ontoBelly of The Steel Beast before discovering The Canyon of The Crescent Moon. 
   The showdown with the nazi troop after the tank accidents would lead Indiana and his dad to racing against time when Dr. Jones Sr. got shot wounded and Indy has to finding the holy grail by passing the three booby traps as the diary contains the clue with SS Colonel Ernst Vogel tailing him after Indy successfully avoids the giant saw-plates, falling floors and leaping the invisible bridge to meet the Last Crusade in his lair guarding many grail as Donovan picked the wrong one and die horribly but when the real one finally, found – the earthquake struck the entire lost city of Petra but Indy save his dad and getting his group out but Elsa fell and died to the deep end as well as the entire nazi team. 

As the rest of four of them: Indy, Dr. Jones Sr. with Sallah and Marcus riding their horses to the sun one more adventure and secrets revealed there …