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Parte Devaluada (Timba Records 2016)

Amaury Trimino (vocals), Maykel Llanes (lead guitar, melodic vocals), Lianna Teruel (guitar), Delvis Diaz (bass, hardcore vocals) and Marta M. Acuna (keyboards) to Rasiel Morales (drums) hailing themselves a new generation of underground metallic music groups comes with the Death-Core/Death Metal/Metal-Core of Cubanos – Santa Clara area. Guerra Avisada is your ultimate blasting hard-stance riff-age of mixing of hardcore, Nu Alternative Metal and Death Metal from the collapsing down fallen era of Fidel Castro and the clan there.

Now the youngster have their own consciousness to fight the repression to long the civilians kept their freedom flags down under the regime but for today – with the Resistenzia arise the sun open-minded and stronger will to freeing themselves not fleeing away; taking back the rights of the people from the greedy government rulers as Sin Causa clashing within Mas Vivo Que Nunca or Paraiso De La Sociedad bashing bursts through-out the explosive Simple Proletario ideas that crashed to the ground and more screaming and growlers to mark the new Cuba visions and rising youth uprising to make tomorrow a better time than today !

Guerra Avisada: