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Parade Of Sin (Ripple Music 2017)

   Californian Heavy Psych-Doom Stoners  with more retro and abusive riff-age distortion completed the efforts they’ve recorded and build since to becoming not just as The Judge but within these nine tracks of powerful Heavy Metal melodic spirits from Dylan Jarrett (guitar), Evan Anderson (drums), Kevin Jones (bass) and Tyler Swope (vocals)in their old-seventies tied basic sounds; Tell It To The Judge really may embracing some departed surroundings off the desert limits and empty void areas where solitude is not just friends but partners in crime as well as the solo guitars might glaring to ripped off the sky in a try; leads the compromising for these San Ramon’s 70’s mixing of Rush meets Paul Rodgers rocking voice and atmosphere or Led Zeppelin stroke down their garage/classic intuitions to following the way of Cream’s bluesy rocks plus little consuming of too much meth or rock of ice, blasting the standard blazer over Changing World, From The Mountain, Strange Ways as well as Empty Halls to letting the group troops High Flyin’ onto Darkest Daze – not thinking much about the modern society thought about this (then) hailed from St. Louis, MO’s lot – ain’t formed for preaching but knowledge facts and logic searching in the name of Stoner Rock faded into the nameless desert as the righteous figure tells everyone about the formation of the stars and where our ancestors really came from …

Tell It To The Judge: