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Palatine Hill (Independent 2016)

Combining the whole Ancient Rome/Greece/Egypt within animism philosophy and misanthropy as Black Metal made flesh for these Pittsburg, Pennsylvania group – Tartarus within its members such as M (bass), B (drums), I (guitars) and S (vocals) on the releasing of this latin-based darker presence of an extreme song-birds capable to sending one on a hunting and kills over other human beings if instead sudden, the messaging pitching perfect the occurs evil to possessing the listeners down to obey Et Eritis Sicut Dii which blasting the bursts of plenty destructive unlawful ritualistic force and ancient to serving the greater gods and goddesses of the olden paths.
From Ezezu to Thanatos to Exultation as well as Archetypal Dream; Execration of Set symbolizing the come-back of the pharaohs and their mystical kingdom or Prometheus/Dionysian may talking the obscurity among the creations of the genesis before even your abrahamic god being created by the higher ones. Nine practical synchronized demonic-tinged that might as well tells you the slight secret beyond a giant atomic breaker creating big bang to open the gate … 

Guess who will be entering as the scientist invites ?

Et Eritis Sicut Dii: