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Overused Cliché (Tingle Finger 2014)

   Withdrawn dramatic stories before and after the disbanded to the reunion to the populous decisions that the group of Japanese J-Pop mixed with experimental Punk-Pop or Alternative Rock and comprising for Dustin Wasserman (drums), Will Shapiro (lead vocals/guitars), Joey Perez (vocals/guitar), Paul Kincaid (bass) and Josh Gross (lead guitars/vocals) forming The VAM Commanders maybe at first, a good loving favorable for the member’s honor to Japanese anime or something pussy-stinks maybe – but since they’ve been dropped on the two thousands as well as the late ninety-nines; this band really can be considered as a temporary rockers instead a solid one. Just like the releasing for an album – This Is Not A Time Machine, struggling within plenty shorts and standard songs to hear like Det Punk Song, Battle Hymn of The Fence Sitter, The Age of Wrinkle-Free Injections; Podunk onto Yo Ho!, Go Greyhound, Rock The Cops and (Please Don’t) Show Your Boobs and an AC/DC legendary cover song anthem – Highway 2 Hell.

Such a mean, bad touring and copycat that ruining Michael J. Fox’s time travelling DeLorean missions !

This Is Not A Time Machine: