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Ouverture (Heavy Psych 2017)

   The hyper-electric guitars which contrast to the penetrations from the group whose carrying more Bluesy-tinged bustier Psychedelic Rock of the seventies sounds like Hendrix clashes to Pink Floyd after meeting on stages with either Neil Young and The Crazy Horse or the sarcastic Stoner-Doomy mode of Retro Desert-area Johnny Cash variants that exploding more crashes and rocking tunes but peaceful and slow-tuned safe to the most older listeners for having greater time feasting upon the band’s efforts right here via Jungla recording.
   Cachemira of Barcelona – Catalonia brings their essential mixture of five songs ensemble of rocking further about most of the important stories or issues facing by ourselves worldwide globally today which extracted through Overpopulation, Goddess and Sail Away defending themselves for the longer durations and lyrics that questioning to given answers not according to the reality for the facts on their ways performance by Alejandro Carmona (drums), Pol Ventura (bass) and Gaston Laine (guitar & vocals) bursting the spacing sparks of six strings music and beat of drumming hardened via Psych of Rock formation jamming. 
   Shall hoping that the music would burnt thus incense smokes or offering weeds and haze of pink mists surrounding the lies and make it happened to be the truth to cleansing the rock back onto the most beautiful music of the world of freedom delights.