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Opryland Lights (No Sleep Records 2017)

   Injecting the unique edgy an sore sounds via Post-Hardcore/Alternative Rock modern to their listeners on the backyard of your heyday era of the grungy nineties but for now these band might be one of those new Revival Rock of Emo/Alternative scene quickly, with its quartet Michael Roe, Jon-taylor Sloan, Chase Barham and Baxter Clifton of Daisyhead.     
   Listening to their Nashville, Tennessee’s harmonic background vocals approved as those medium tempos on beating the modern rock music really distorted but didn’t spreading chaos but peaceful wisdom through the lyrics and smart moves to arranging their songs. In Case You Missed It might be one of your favorite disc to inhabits your big box of music collections once you have listening to it but there are more to be honored to have by purchasing your money on something positive – like your democratic parents said once.
   Ready for The World, Our Last Exchange, Don’t Feel Bad to Dark Circus presenting the self-inflicted thoughts that modern youth used to afraid of to admits that when they’re afraid means that they’re being realistic. 

From there it’s up to you to stepping forward or force back fading …

In Case You Missed It: