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Only To Watch (Self-Released 2016)

   Gentlemen or gentiles or creeps may take no time for calling these Synth-Punk, Coldwave or just Indie Rock but Pukko may shocking the dumber within the sessions of their highlighted recording like hearing to this Blue Moon – not just as rare as the fact in science explanations but also how the artworks really not working out fine which plenty Grungy-Pop simplicity connected via the ransom feelings tighten up with the ropes of hope and Alternative Rock choices in a low-key distorted soft tones through a wiser track like Could You Give Me Your Crown or Smog or Foregone (previously unreleased) and beats just keep on rolling glittered or fancy to sprinkle the cold tension over a Fuzz-Goth-Pop influences meet the modern day New Wave from Pukko – the group of harmonic serious around Rennes and perhaps, the old fans of The Ramones as well as people can relates their sounds here to the legends and the rest of the eighties to nineties early dancing rolled parts of Alternative Music nations.

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Blue Moon: