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One Song (Summer Moon 2015)

   Retro unique sounds meet thus mystical magic following the duo rock-stars Chad Voight and James Barreto calling themselves through this Keeper Of The Dawn album as they’re producing music for Ancient River.     
   Within the Psychedelic dominates sounds trying to fight the basic influenced of all of them which give the other older tourists complaining with how fast and dependable on social –economy progressive radiates through these natural songs on Desolation Song, New Rising and Journey into the Light of Darkness which covered pretty well with that giant inverted cross because the standing citizens trying to open the barricades to raid the presidential palace. 

Feel how gloriously old days that you can trust through the variety of taste that re-emerged as the day went shiny hot but the cold afternoon winds also coming back just like the Hippie spirits struck the nerve of those wanted to fight in mass.

Keeper Of The Dawn: