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Notroh Dapper (Camobear Records 2013)

A rising Indie-star providing the basement-free made solo project for flooding a free market marks of defying collaborations and instrumentals dopey producing beats as self-manufactured established artist named Marcus Williams and being known foremost as Sapient as his independent Rap production as well as producers and supporting ability of talents being provided to some multiple recording as Debaser, Eyedea, Living Legends to Grayskul sharing again to hi fan-based something new from this Hip-Hop album from himself; Slump.

Slump – definitely, pro-active to spreading its beating curves and hitting balls to the ground and bounce; leaving everyone amazed in colors of smart and clever lyrics, themed and direct-messages via Roman Candle, Pieces of paper, Shotgun in my Spaceship; Seeking New Skin, Went Like This to Slow Up, Opera Pigs as well as Ello and Gladys onto Anaphylaxis greatness of rhythms and rapping flown slower based on Alternative Rap influences and Rn’B soulful energy of freeing freedom of speech and choices. 

A blue furry creature finally, found the lost part of the final puzzle of female inspiring promoted music friendly …