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No Habra Perdon (Self-Released 2016)

   En vivo de la Monterrey, Nuevo Leon (Mexico) members of a new generation of Hardcore local soon to be heroes with two fighter vocalists Froylan and Lulu; double riff-shredders Genaro and Eddie to the bass player and rhythmic keepers Alex and Carlos of Regios HC consolidating their visual visions over the raging new terror millennium among men as the direct lyrics in Spanish seems not entirely wrong to taste as well as the powerful sounds enraging the ears of those whom always thirsty for great Hardcore music and justice themes like this releasing has through the faithful and never backed down spirits of the youth angst versus the entire commercial greedy world nations screaming, shouting, bashing harder as Semper Ascendens in seven tracks available within Extinction, Una y Otra Vez, Declaracion de Guerra or Cree en Ti which smashing your enclosure death and despair among those inhabitants who deserved it.

Semper Ascendens: