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Ninjas Polterghost (Earache Records 2009)

   Classical and cutting-edgy by killing the older listeners using their fast premonitions of deranged guillotine giant knife fell over your neck open and head cuts splitting out like toothpaste cape did vigorously, by these Newry – Northern Ireland crew of mad destructors inspriging the meaningful themes on zombies, monsters, war, humor to video games.
   High-pitched toning vocals from these five-piece lethal crew-cuts: Joe McGuigan (bass, vocals), Philly Byrne (vocals), Paul Caffrey (drums), Domo Dixon and John Roche (guitar twins of evil) telling you about the lost stories around the missing cosmonaut, failure space missions onto the secret conspiracy over the existence for this damn planet geographic society to seeing the truth within via Tales From The Grave In Space. 
   A power tail-gunner twisted of Thrash Metal deliverance towards the elimination of the human deriving extinction re-dating again by the counts over We Respect You, Mussolini Mosh, Three Witches, New Eliminators of Atlantis B.C and Return to Blood Castle as well as Apocalypse 1997 – where those rumors of yesterday can suddenly, turning back quite fresher and brand new to our ears on the wrongly times for the right excuses …

Tales From The Grave in Space: