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Nine King’s Dominion (Dischord Records 2003)

   A next hybrid-sons for the continuity of Minor Threat or maybe an indifference stuff there possible to come within the bountiful presentation from these fully highlighted distorting and effective measurements of sound in Punk-Hardcore and Alternative Rock possibilities off Hugh (vocals, bass), Daniel (vocals, guitars), Dan (drums), Jacob (bass) and Mike (drums) might be a very unusual formation to have in a band, correct ?
Don’t know yet but fear not – cause this debut album from Black Eyes as the self-titled recording must be closely, reminding most of us about the artistic version from English Prog-Punk’s bed sex-venue group Gang Of Four within its classic experimental movements and forever changes the scenery once for all just like this self-titled did. From trade-market of full drum-kit to occasional horn blasts to dual vocals or synth-noises as the incorporate frenzies on brass or batch songs being pushed deeper towards the Free-Jazz territory further. 
Someone Has His Fingers Broken, A Pack Of Wolves, Yes I Confess, On The Sacred Side and will not overcome by Deformative or Letter To Raoul Peck – completely, designated only to the highly aware fans and rewarded weirdos whose loving the infatuations of infiltrated on music espionage blending by bunch of kids whom seemed to look like some uneducated workers.

Black Eyes S/T: