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Night Baking (Rough Trade 2006)

   There’s enough Alternative Rock and Pop for almost everyone and this time of the year; toddlers and up ages would lovely pleasing themselves on being gifted by these rocking songs of Acoustic, Novelty and Indie Rock on for Pop version artists altogether collaborate over the V.A Colours Are Brighter which contains more than eleven tracks available there just like Pooh Trilogy by The Divine Comedy, The Barcelona Pavilion for Tidy Up Tidy Up (edit) onto onwards going through Snow Patrol with the musical of I Am The Astronaut, Jackie Jackson (Franz Ferdinand), Belle and Sebastian singing The Monkeys Are Breaking Out The Zoo or Rasputina trio mystique comes performing A Skeleton Bang showing there always characters for every each of children on the planet purchased here. From dragons to the joker thief to space-craft drawn on the cover front as various gathered for the warmth gifts on those whom haven’t decided yet what to bring to your beloved children this December.

VA Colours Are Brighter: