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Nano Furnace Age (Leaf/P-Vine 2016)

   Some of the newest trio of Electronic Alternative of Cosmic Dance and Jazz of London – UK as a blaze of phosphorescent cross beauty the night sky with Dan Leavers, Maxwell Hallett or Shabaka Hutchings for the releasing a spirit for keep on dancing with the prophecy or prefecture tracks crash-landing danceable tunes for ordinary and objective pleasant bursts within the composing textured of The Comet Is Coming as the consistency killer rocks from outer-space predicted long before and soon after; blending their loves for Electronic-Jazz Rock and Psychedelic effects not elusive but spare-parts as sophomore and neglected on the same time – given the outpost profound extinction of men felt like it isn’t that scary anymore which the beats of simplicity meets the difficult ones a blazing like various particles of exposing explosion when two rocks floating on the void collapsed into one big fireworks that most people would not smiling happy about if the worst nightmare happening.
   Anyway, you surely, won’t get the missing beats and drumming just for stared up seeing the doomsday fell upon us and regret them tracks telling you years before that like Journey Through The Astroid Belt, Space Carnival, Slam Dunk in a Black Hole, Deep Within The Engine Deck and Light Years (feat. Joshua Idehen) straight onto End Of Earth that suits how we didn’t wanted to finish developed and growing more populations but yes, as the Electro-Dance beats stops and the ghastly apparation whispered – means it’s too late.

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