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My Patronus (Self-Released 2017)

For the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Wizard Rock and Elvis Costello; you got the group of musicians led by the pretty girls of Ann Arbor, MI by Steph Anderson and we know then – that Harry Potter, werewolves, the color pink, libraries onto awesome quidditch or just mixing Rock sounds between Pop-Indie, Alternative Rock and Ska sounds possible on letting your children sing along follows this record for the car-stereo and backyard birthday party themed as well. Tonks and The Aurors shall reminding you about how on earth if Hermione, Luna and Weasley forming their own band and performed in front of Dumbledore and the rest of their respectful teachers.

Tonks and The Aurors' A Familiar Beat releasing then, brought them moving to Cincinnati, OH and brings their elegant music with them as you might listening here on A Familiar Beat by eleven tracks available in a very cheerful and jangling pops out burst within Sort Me, Ravenclaw, Diagon Alley, Living For onto Weasley Brothers after the magical opener of Owl Post rocking the sweet recording front door opens – like Hogwarts greetings its newcomer students …

A Familiar Beat: