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Moon The Hang (Self-Released 2017)

   Leading roles for the unique becoming off a quite sad and dark and eerie senses for being queer and strong feminist being brought to front by this quartet of Sarah Matas (guitar and vocals), Andrea Shearer (drums), Joan Sullivan (guitars) and Christian Sturgis (bass and vocals) as the three women whose mature and struggling with a solid background of musical to performs by them to yours as Quattracenta within the self-titled recording release which has six tracks to go approved and spreading onwards to the small pathetic world for exchanging stories over the gloomy history of woman under man’s rule. Mastered by Dan Countant while recorded and mixed by J Robbins; Either one might been hallucinated by the simplicity behind Thin or Drapes the opening song, Tangier continues the journey of independent and freedom of speech and mind-thinking to the highest limits possible but the music may sounding deep and far from happiness even there’s some hope attached somewhere on the high walls surrounding their floating castle of sands. Die Down Here looks promising to catch the last breath of a queer defending herself on her own to the end of the night while Waiting may considered a phase in between times where activity must be stopped for quite some time before continued again later – taken from the tarot’s wisdom.

The faded figure comes out the portal actually is a woman …