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Mojave Jiva (Bleeding Light 2013)

A naturalist science expert  whom actually a musician whose also a composer, producer and experimenting every single things with his own musical products as Todd Fletcher is an half-old man living in the desert wilderness and exploring the deeper inside of Mesa – Arizona with tons of influences on him from the old flower generations to Kraut-Rock, to Shoegaze to Genesis, XTC, Joni Mitchell and Brian Eno or Boards of Canada; brought his own Psychetropic beliefs orone can try to following his musical preference on the good listening time for the collectible album number seven – Wake Up Vanishing with its ambient experimental on the leading Electronic crossing clouds and dry desert wind, moving onto place with less humidity but dark before light comes and showing your eyes the resurrection of the jade peacock through the seventh heaven. 

As the track listings accompanying you on the journey in turns such as Eveningland, Lady Meteor, Mercury to Diablo and Helix in Gold and Red. Serving as an instrumental mixture between Psychedelic Rock and outback stories.

Wake Up Vanishing: