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Mistakeism Fuel (Seayou Records 2017)

   Squalloscope is a girl in her disguises either as Paper Bird or Anna Kohlweis but the attraction is about how one describing the musical entrance forms here as the naming solo project came to the surface media of Pop-Modern Electro-Pop and Exoskeletons For Children probably, not too shocking but contained with mist of the non-intrigue Hip-Hop, Folk, World and Trip-Hop as well combinations of collaborative sensations that not tying to be sounded sensational. Independent and sometimes absurd in a soften kinds of way; your might gathered around while playing this on stereo – paying attention and nods a bit following the beats of not too simple melodies and musical performance products there. Relaxation Contest, Turmoil and Wonder, All Caps onto Some of My Best Friends are Windows and Hate Cake might sounding weird but of course, interesting for those who likes non-comfort and different views versus the globe may love the tracks recorded inside.

Stop everything and start to louder the volume in medium level – feel the extractions where true modern visions and lyrics messaging flown in curves not flat.

Exoskeletons For Children: