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Mirror Pictures (Not On Label 2015)

   The actual duo from Sao Paulo – Brazil; Camila Fernandes and Gutisk recording their first effort debut album for studio release as the branding New Wave Goth-Rock and Synth-Pop dominates this Sonhos Mortos (Dead Dreams) which monotonously, filling your brains with cold beats and flattened bass-lines that remarkably didn’t force the listeners to not liking them if you’re fanatically into this type of music genre.
Wonder Dark duo marked their poisonous infections haunted creations as the self-written lyrics or down-tempo catharsis camouflaging under the spirits of the dying dead and little kids lost their ways to the hands of wicked fate of men globally. 
From Little Angel, Eternal Hurt, Fences of Metropolis, Future of The Past followed by Soldier, Shadows or Final trying to recaptures those struggles of poverty-based and denial towards poor families living under the rusty holed roofs and waiting to die as the days changing to a new one. Less food, clean water, sweet dreams for the left-overs seconds.

Sonhos Mortos: