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Milk Honey The Bayonet (Wilsuns Recording Company)

A fat Amy looked alike fronted female singer for Punk Rock N’ Roll band off Philly, Pennsylvania – USA named Sheer Mag consisting for Christina Halladay, Hart Seely, Ian Dykstra, Kyle Seely and Matt Palmer rocking harder than just a simple louder rock tuning group but one can comparing them onto the future sounds of AC/DC with a girl vocalist. 
The plane coming out from the last immediate danger of bad weather or powerful storm as the horizon clearly be seen and your flight is safe now or not leaving questionable thoughts about the statement for Need To Feel Your Love as thus tracks coming out gunning like those semi-automatic riff-ages melodic and powerfully grooved displaying on Just Can’t Get Enough, Expect The Bayonet, Suffer Me onto Rank and File plotted the moving-on situations after the fall as tears can be seen through a firmament of fire goblet Bluesy medication music for the wiser ones only. 

(Say Goodbye To) Sophie Scholl and others being swallowed entirely by the kiddie-vocals from our Christina the lead singer as the band drooling to have more good fortune after the ride inside the lake monster …

Need To Feel Your Love: