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Mikado Bits (Self-Released 2014)

   The simply Rockabilly straight rocking Skolofenstru or Fokya the Bluesy semi-metallic booth or Yellow – which isn’t any of Coldplay-related music but closer to Zeppelin’s Poor Tom in a more grungy slower low-pitched made easier to one and many of the audiences to not describing the essence music of the band but just put your ears to the tuning music produced by Herr Geisha & The Boobs gang off Lyon, France comprising for three gung-ho’s experimenting musicians: Lady (kicks/sticks), Sir (lows) and Herr (strings) recorded this album with the title chosen as it stuck by TheDeadMachineThat GoesPing; in a so many various throttle bangs an groovy beats like your average Indie-Rock bad turning the tide while uplifting the level of skills to more funky boosts and the dead of someone may occurs and divided by explanations from one to four reasons possibility just like bad music teaching the listeners how to improve.
   Noise pranks and blitzkrieg manufacture over Asker or Wasabi may never be stopped by the mainstream media to letting loose to the global warfare market.