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Meadow Wheeler (Distracted 2004)

   Leaving his old days Alternative Rock semi-legendary pioneering era with The Pixies behind after the group demise; Joey Santiago seems didn’t need to wait for too long and as he also cannot handling his next days without making terribly great music – then, collaborating with his beloved wife Linda Mallari; creating this new project of Pop-Indie music with a brilliant modern taste and more attractive things to offer through The Martinis which not only successful for releasing more than just one records but two and within this second album – Smitten, you might getting in the way for knowing The Martinis completely. Nice vocals and liberating melodies predictable would attracting the music media in searching for the next Alternative Pop hits or figures and probably, The Martinis’ Smitten had them all even though Joey seemed not to be too interesting to make this semi-romantic project with wifey becoming too darn commercial. But anyway, people could still listening to the breath-taking soft harmony as well as thus Punk-Pop flicks towards many songs there from Right Behind You, You Are The One, Out Upon The Road, Wishful Thinking and Walls of Silence. Tasty and yummy as pancakes mixed with honey and apple sauce for the wedding chapel’s cupid celebrations.