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Mathematics Soldier’s (IHipHop Distribution 2010)

   Nobody predicts or knowing if the Brand Nubian still peeling in their layers not faking it as those past rebellion messages on praising any allah or being an anti apartheid group of Hip-Hop still beyond comparison nowadays, won’t get them busted for messing with someone’s safety as being terrorists but in a very different ways possibly - yes, Brand Nubian comes back to their differential beats but under the same roof-roots capability or perhaps, sounding modern more than just being a classic nostalgia for the blending of old school and new school entering the gate of the each members – Grand Puba a.k.a Maxwell Dixon, Sadat X a.k.a Derrick Murphy to Lorenzo DeChalus a.k.a Lord Jamar and Alamo bringing you the entire newer generations of Gangsta-Rap getting solid on being wrapped itself with coated destructive over Dubstep accompanying the Electronic new way taken for granted by their releasing: Enter The Dubstep Vol. 2 which featuring How Long ! (Dem Soul Remix), The Future (Lenny Dee & Nebulla Remix), Revolution (Lenny Dee & Code of Arms Remix) straight grooving and forcing anyone to go head-banging harder through Corners, Slow Down (Hellfire Machina Remix) and Get That Money; where the worst thing would be this is where an intersection develops making a rendevouz meeting between spiritual prayers, Black Panther and African beats altogether.

Enter The Dubstep Vol. 2: