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Luantishee (Cruz Del Sur Music 2016)

   Unique rousing and high praised over the Folk-Metal and Symphonic Rock progressions-tinged recognizable within the infusing vocals like Bruce Dickinson and the empowered interests themes among histories, paranormal, conspiracies, time and local folklore off Black Country – UK comprising of Josh Winnard (vocals), Christian Horton and Pat Jenkins (guitars), Paul Thompson (bass) and Adam Sidaway (drums) of the band: Dark Forest as your Heavy Metal epic from the edge of mystical woods by the releasing sights on fourth recording albums from them – Beyond The Veil. Which cementing the essential mayhem rock of progressive metallic to rocking sessions as solos or chorus and harmony vocals choir truly sounding very great and fascinating to listen even when those leaves turning to three colors for Autumn and medieval NWOBHM traditional comparison colliding here with the tracks like Blackthorn, The Undying Flame, Men-An-Tol, The Lore of The Land, The Wild Hunt and Where The Arrow Falls might Ellylldan would be basically, tied the audience up with the rope of myth-magic and curiosity.

Beyond The Veil: