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Lovegaze (Self-Released 2017)

Experimental oneself for the facts that these Synth natured of uplifting unique blends between Black metal extremities, Shoegaze Ambient or the style of 80’s Electro-Pop possible to be happened here; trust your instinct and lead the way for an awesome metallic of heretical presentations from Emin Gulayev of Baku – Azerbaijan as the solo-project of both traditional, modern-Pop and Heavy Metal extreme edgy sounds on the imspired freedom for this metal-gazed and formal music training possession via Violet Cold’s Anomie. 

She Spoken of Her Devastation, My Journey to Your Space; No Escape From Dreamland and Violet Girl must be a remarkable discoveries for those whom listening to it and carried on the ethereal Post-Rock/Shoegaze/Black Metal program much further and Anomie would becoming one of the doors to be opened to entering inside – escaping the fake new world or the old fundamental ones.