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Lonna Reject (Bandcamp 1996)

   Pennsylvania’s Pop-Punk power-raging condemned over those snap-case scenarios on this fondue off classic shout-outs and dazzling riffs and melodic sounds blistering the reality of what one would sees via the commencing commercial not too much efforts here within 10 Ham by Jeepers Creepers comprising for Nick O on vocals and lead guitar, Tom H for vocals/bass, Bubba on rhythm guitars and John B the drummer as the all right reserved recording and sound intervention solidify the rebellious essence carried by punk-rock local which precisely, blown up through the semi-non romantic for ten tracks available there to makes you jumping higher through You Eyeballs, Tech Fire Chicken, Unsure, Life’s Little Understandings and The One truly – leading your interest for the type off those black lagoon-ed creature feature artworks but this time is outer-space background of alien robots kidnapping a hot earth chick for a snack.

10 Ham: