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Lockdown Voice (Amy Lee Music Inc. 2014)

   Familiar righteous for Aftermath the demise of her collective group that makes a powerful stand-in for thus American Goth-Rock Pop flag held up higher with their first recordings to the lasted as some members already went away due to the Evanescence’s differences idealistic and personal problems but for the Riversdale, California native female singer and main figure forever to the band – Amy Lynn Lee not only her beauty prevails within the mysteries and mystic sexy or eerie vocals on her non-permanent solo recording ever done since as some biggest fans didn’t believe that Amy would leaving the band perilously scattered. The woman herself didn’t really afraid and ashamed to do such things like the materials recorded and composed on her solo album which carries more soundtrack of scoring classic and some ballad and ambient in sober reality trying to carry on the legacy of her own musical purposes - music from and inspired by the movie: War Story.
Amy Lee feat. Dave Eggar through several tracks like White Out, Remember To Breath, Drifter an Can’t Stop What’s Coming or the featured of Malika Zarra on Dark Water through her own musical for Push The Button may refers to the real story about a photographer named Lee went to Sicily to discovering the old lover mentor meeting and trying to help a young immigrant to escaping to France from Northern Africa while her past on being kidnapped still haunts her even before she went back to NYC as decided but postponed and Catherine Keener, Ben Kingsley or Donatella Finocchiaro might becoming the essential stars for the War Story movie as well as the serious producer Mark Jackson and Amy Lee arranging her musical of thorns and faded hopes via Electro-Goth and Pop within this album as beautiful l deadly still like her stings.