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Live To Burn (Witches Brew 2016)

Stomping the temptations for doing something scary and devastating to the fucking government whose never listening to what opinions you really wanted to say or share with them; stop believing in lies and carry the struggle force to battling those false nation builders called the people’s representation on the parliament and pulling their heads off through this punching mad Bulgarian Thrash or Crossover and Heavy Metal and Hardcore speeding on Stop Believing Lies off Bourgas – Bulgaria clearing their third recording on the formations of George “Peich” on vocals, Staffa playing guitars/drums and Mariyan Gerogiev dealing with bass guitars/vocals for Mosh-Pit Justice (group) sounding closer to the similarity like Joe Belladona performance with or without Anthrax. 
New materials and driving force of beats making here for the fast, loud and infected head-bangers balling through Rest In Flames, Left For Dead, To Her My Arm or Till Death completely – comes in a such destructive ways for bashing things blocking its way from here on earthly heaven to the outside end’s men territory.

Stop Believing Lies: