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Little Lobby (Anti 2015)

From Elk Grove, California to then settles to Sacramento, CA – one might have a good experience listening to the solstice of cold weather rhythms here with Damien Verrett or you can mention him as this project-solo So Much Light which contains Synth-Pop or Indie Pop electro beats slower and soft but fully conscious and deliberating as besides basketball; the guy himself loves to composing and writes songs to music as well.
The fair results should be there on the e.p recording of Idiot Soul comprising five tracks to listening by ears as the soften glowing low-beats meet the Rn’B Soul experience of Pop musical as the after glowing lit getting reduced – the good tunes stays. 
Soap Box or Let It Absorb You onto Connect might trying to re-connecting the sharing communications among us that has been taken over by modernism too much and forgetting the essence of social creature is relationships. 

Idiot Soul EP: