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Linkin Pork Dimmu Burger (Subsound Records 2012)

   Grind Metal messengers of extremity sounds from Roma, Lazio – Italiana berserker metal-heads assumed, not a good scene to watch while they’re did the devastating shows which delivering mostly tons of horrible heavy chords and raging riffs within thus hateful lyrics that shall not suitable for any fainted people with stupidity dwelling inside their brains because Buffalo Grillz is the group whom representing themselves only for destructions and when they really did it heavier; it will be very fucking serious devastating to the targets. Consisting of Luciano “Gux” Robibaro (vocals, bass), Marco “Cinghio” Mastrobuono (vocals, guitars), Enrico “Tombinor” Gianonne (vocals) and Massimo “Mastino” Romano (drums) releasing Manzo Criminale recording for the real Extreme metalheads only – displaying the front cover of that abandoned meat-market mini gore of rotten intestines, rib-cages and maggots colony for you to taste as well as the painful themed tracks straight from the grinder machine through the sick humor titles such as Gux & Gabbana, Forrest Grind, Bufalismo, Sacro E Scarofano, Il Marchese De Grill or Improvvisation Intuition Casaccium and Sermoneta Chainsaw Massacre.

When killing is a fun business turned to obedience turns to the fucking crime against animal cruelty but never men. 

Manzo Criminale: