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Linda Bler (Bandcamp 2017)

   Peruvian female singer with lesser-known name, talents and works probably, deserved more as here today – we can discussing about the releasing record from La La from Lima (Peru) whose sounding like the blending of Aussie’s Frente vocalist and music with World Music Cantautora Jazz and Acoustic-Pop Bossa of Latin-America or the touches of Marinera and the beauty feelings romance attached inside the lyrics of Spanish and more touching vibration towards the performance of her singing  and song-wrote them all for “Zamba Puta”.
   As being completely backed by the musicians form local scene and some other names like guitarists: Jose Pablo Menajovsky, Jose Becerra and Juanito El Cantor, trumpet by Ricardo Ponciano, electric bass player Laura Robles, flute/clarinet/soprano saxophone by Junior Pacora to drummer Luca Susti as well as violin-cellist Fil Uno; revealing the inside of La La’s imaginable paradise where she can walk – wandering nude and singing the best unique tunes she likes there for example Caramelo, Cornamenta, Promor, Leche Tibia onto Espejo Adolescente growing more blossoms and peace atmosphere within the Latin-sounds and female intuitions works fine as the fishes jumping and the sun shines.

"Zamba Puta":