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Less More Haiti (Bandcamp 2012)

Uniquely accessible whilst regarding a flawless hope for playing their essential likes for World-rootsy Afro-Cuban heritage Jazz hailed from Sydney, Australia as The Vampires might sounded fierce but these quartet of skillful musicians: Jeremy Rose (alto saxophone), Nick Garbett (trumpet), Alex Boneham (bass) and Alex Masso (drums) earning their signature strikes as the grooves bares the must absolute cultural demands for any (Reggae) Jazz-ensemble sounds of instrumental lovers to have these foursome playing their best for your stereo system. The releasing of Garfish truly appears the outrageous non-stop of tremendous performance musical in high skills saxophone’s free modern kicks and techniques with some retro touches like the deep diving hunted inside the ocean blue depth riding the strange aquatic life-forms as Strugglin’, Heston, Dragon Del Sur or Antipodean Love Song breaking the meaning of ordinary phrase – Life in The Fast Lane (underwater).