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Leaning Leaking (Bandcamp 2013)

   Skies getting darker as the sun lit slowly faded pointing the statement facts that it is now time for him to resting and die before reborn but as the black bird flocks gathering and fly away out – getting the directions to move south from the colder north; leaving St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador with The Black Bags team: Liz Solo (drums/vocals), Marcel Lavendier (guitars/vocals) and Mike Kean (bass guitar) as well as keyboardist player and synthesizer Grant King with Amy Joy and Jody Richardson for the back-up vocals releasing their self-titled album naming same as the band’s baptized beings which collaborating thus Punk-Rock and Indie-Pop blends producing great jangling rocks track-listed like Worth Living, Raining Hammers, Held Down, Secret or Horizon and as the skies turned darker grey to blackest coal; remember that the album worth a buy or grab to add your collections of Alt-Pop powers.

The Black Bags: