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Lawyers Guns (Not On Label 2012)

   Yet if it’s Detroit, Michigan offers you The Sunburns – don’t be seriously, took it with you. They’re just a bunch of Punk-Rockers whose loudly banging their six strings, wah-wah effects and drunken punky Surfing slimed kinds of Garage terror sounds among those distorted that going to make one deaf over Smell Like Fun. 
When it’s not Halloween anymore or the Christmas getting closer – The Sunburns won’t be too fucking care about them; they’re just classic and melodious ignoring the silly things but their music in a loud volume and the kids in ugly costumes might also going to jumps and dance following this stupid music of rock without volume that these guys create. 
Smell Like Fun could be a surprising recording release for them who loved to collecting old Hard Rock from the early seventies or the late comers of the sixties which even not added to billboard at all. Like these simple, lewd, rude and disturbing method of formats keeping alive by the band through Eat Hell, Dumb Girls, Monster, Don’t Give A Fuck, I Am Piece of Shit and Elektra meaning nothing good actually coming out from the hippie generations rock standard except the rebellious and crazy guitar music driving people mad and forgetting to sign up to Vietnam !

Smell Like Fun: